At the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute (NRI) at Brookhaven Hospital, we understand that individuals with a moderate to severe brain injury will have needs that evolve over time. For individuals with a brain injury, the normal effects of growing older are often accelerated. When adults are aging with a brain injury, issues like early onset dementia, fatigue, memory-loss and other neurological problems can compound the original effects of their traumatic brain injury. This can cause frustration for the individual with a brain injury and strain on their caregivers.

That’s why we’ve created the Lifespan Alternative, a unique residential program for adults aging with a brain injury. For more than 20 years, our trained technicians have been providing neurological rehabilitation, behavioral therapy and counseling services to individuals with moderate to severe brain injuries. Our treatments provide supportive neurological care designed to help our patients maintain certain skill sets and support cognitive health.

The Lifespan Alternative provides expert neurological care in a compassionate environment so that adults with traumatic brain injuries can experience maximum dignity and independence as they grow older.

Brain Injury Services
Our services focus on helping individuals to maintain maximum dignity and independence as they grow older.

Aging With a Brain Injury
Brain injuries can accelerate the affects of aging. Neurological care can improve quality of life.

Neurologic Rehabilitation
Our trained experts focus on providing you with cutting-edge neurologic rehabilitation treatments.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation
The Lifespan program at Brookhaven focuses on providing long-term care and life planning.

Caregivers and Mental Health Problems
Treating individuals with mental health problems can have a serious effect on caregivers.

Moderate to Severe Brain Injury
Our treatment plan can often help individuals with moderate to severe brain injuries live long and meaningful lives.

Long-term Disability Assistance
A comprehensive program to address the long-term needs of a person living with a brain injury disability

Behavioral Problems and Depression
Lifespan can help treat adults with brain injuries' behavioral health problems as they grow older.

Comprehensive Professional Rehabilitation for Brain Injury
Lifespan supports and maintains rehabilitation gains over the years when rehabilitation is over.

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Our friendly admissions coordinators will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Location and Community

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Tulsa’s eastside, our The
Lifespan Alternativer affords individuals greater independence while maintaining
a safe and secure living environment. The Lifespan Alternative program provides
for individual and shared apartment living and can accommodate the long-term
needs associated with recovery from moderate to severe brain injuries.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to provide supported living services and
programs that enhance the lives of adults aging with a brain injury.

Our vision is to meet, engage, and surpass the needs of
persons served in a manner that adds to life satisfaction and overall health;
to embrace the challenge of life with a brain injury as one that is rich
with relationships and activity; to promote and innovate advances in brain
injury care and research in order to contribute to the wellness of the individual.

We believe that enhancing one’s dignity requires an environment
of compassion, medical excellence, social engagement, and comfort in order
to provide a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.